Think India Journal popularly known as Think India Quarterly is now UGC Care listed. We are accepting submissions for publication, send papers for review to Title of the document As the journal is published quarterly, we call it Think India Quarterly, some people call it Think India journal as it is a journal.

About Us

Think India Quarterly is the journal of ideas published by Vichar Nyas Foundation. From the outset it has received enthusiastic support and encouragement from leading intellectual, artistes, scientists and eminent personalities in public life. Commemorative and special issues of this journal have become collector’s item. It has completed 12 stimulating years of regular publication and has carved a niche for itself among discerning readers at home and abroad. 

Think India Quarterly is administrated by a board of trustees comprising eminent personalities drawn from various fields. It strives to fulfill its aims and objectives through the following measures:
  • Orgarnise debates, workshops,seminars,discussions and conferences.

  • Undertake research on its own or to facilitate research on relevant issues by providing grants and fellowships to appropriate institutions and individuals

  • Publish journals,magazines, reports and books

  • Encourage, sponsor and facilitate production of multi-media material on relevant issues

  • Collaborate with national and international organisations, governmental or non-governmental, working for similar objectives

  • Accept donations, cash or kind, subscriptions, presents and grants

  • Take over and manage any trust, society or institution with similar objectives

  • Invest, dispose off, put in fixed deposits, in securities, in mutual funds or in companies, funds not immediately required for short or medium terms
Vichar Nyas Foudation publishes THINK INDIA QUARTERLY focusing on similar objectives as started. It solicits support of all those who find its objectives relevant for creation of new India in the millennium